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Should You Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinet, or Replace Them?

Most of the time, kitchen cabinets are the heart of the kitchen since it holds almost everything, from your favorite porcelain plates, utensils, and your food. It offers plenty of space to make your kitchen look clean, neat, and organized.

However, sometimes kitchen cabinets are challenging to maintain, and it requires lots of factors to have the perfect cabinets. It should cater to your needs in terms of the amount and size of the supplies you’ll store in it. Additionally, it should be reliable and durable to provide the utmost convenience when using the area.

If your kitchen cabinets seem to be disappointing you because it does not meet your needs in terms of their function or aesthetic, you’ll probably think of replacing or refinishing them. However, how do you know whether your cabinets need to be replaced or to be updated? This is where the decision-making becomes challenging, which is why we made this article to make it easier. Here, we share tips on deciding whether do a kitchen cabinet refinishing or opt for a complete renovation.

In refinishing or replacing your kitchen cabinets, there are various things you should consider first to know the right decision to make. It will depend on factors like the functionality, build, cost, and preferred layout.

Your Kitchen Cabinet’s Function

The first thing that can help you determine whether to replace or upgrade your cabinets is their functionality. If it’s still serving its purpose and there is no damage at all but you just want to make it look new, refinishing it is the best option. You can opt for repainting or upgrading its system to catch up with modernity.

On the other hand, if the cabinet shows severe damage and is not functioning well, it’s time for you to think about replacing them since repairing the issue is a temporary solution that can get worse in the future.

Your Kitchen Cabinet’s Build and Cost

Another thing that you can base your decision on is the build of the cabinets; if it’s made of high-quality material, typically, it can cost you a lot when you opt for a full renovation. So, in this case, it’s smarter to opt for refinishing to save you from spending lots of money to replace all the materials. It’s also an environment-friendly solution.


Lastly, your budget for this project is also worth considering, especially since both methods offer a different budget. Typically, if you plan to replace your kitchen cabinet, it can cost you more significantly since you’re building again from scratch. However, it will still depend on your dedicated budget, whether to do a complete reno or opt for a kitchen cabinet upgrade instead.

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